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Инструкция для Dell XPS 15 (L501x)

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CyberLink PowerDVD Configuration Options

The CyberLink PowerDVD application detects your 3D TV automatically. The following are the 3D display 
configuration options available in PowerDVD:

• Enable Blu-ray Disc 3D playback (enabled by default) — select this option to watch Blu-ray 3D video in 3D 

mode; clear this option to watch Blu-ray 3D video in 2D mode.

– 3D display diagonal size (inches) — move the slider to select a range between 0 to 100.

• Enable 3D for video files and DVDs (disabled by default) — select this option to apply the 3D mode based 

on the following:

– Use CyberLink TrueTheater 3D — select this option to apply 2D to 3D conversion for DVD playback.

– 3D scene depth — move the slider to select the 3D scene depth.

– Use 3D media file playback — select this option to choose a supported 3D video layout: 

(2D Monoscopic/Anaglyph — to watch a 3D video file in 2D mode [left eye image only]; Side by Side; 
Over/Under; Auto detection — for H.264 MVC file playback).

• Choose 3D Display — select this option to choose one of the following supported display types:

– Anaglyph Red/Cyan

– 120 Hz Time-sequential 3D LCD (such as NVIDIA 3D Vision Ready LCD + NVIDIA 3D Vision kit or 

SAMSUNG UN46C7000 3D LED TV + 3D Shutter Glasses)

– 3D-Ready HDTV (Checkerboard TV + 3D Shutter Glasses)

– Micro-polarizer LCD 3D (Row-interlaced + 3D Glasses)

Click Auto Detect to automatically detect the supported 3D display and diagonal size.