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Инструкция для Metabo KHA 18 LTX

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Note: The machine will cool more quickly if you 

operate it at idling speed.

3. Metabo 

safety shutdown

: The machine was 

SWITCHED OFF automatically. If the slew rate 

of the current is too high (for example, if the 

machine suddenly seizes or kickback occurs), 

the machine switches off. Switch off the machine 

at the trigger switch (10). Switch it on again and 

continue to work as normal. Try to prevent the 

machine from seizing.

7.2 Depth Stop Setting

Loosen the additional handle (1). Set depth stop (4) 

to the desired drilling depth and retighten additional 

handle (1).

7.3 On/Off switch, setting the speed

Switching on, speed:

 press the trigger switch (10)

Press in the trigger to increase the rotational speed. 

Switching off:

 Release the trigger switch (10).

7.4 Operating mode selection

Press the lock (6) and turn the thumbwheel (5).


Hammer drilling


When a chisel is fitted, only operate the 

machine in the chiselling operating mode  .
Avoid levering with the machine.

7.5 Setting chisel position

- Insert the chisel.

- Turn the switch button (5) to position 


- Turn the chisel to the required position.

- Turn the switch button (5) to position 

When a chisel is fitted, only operate the 

machine in the chiselling operating mode 


7.6 Set direction of rotation, transportation 

safety device

(switch-on lock)

Do not activate rotation selector switch (9) 

unless the motor has completely stopped!

Set the rotation selector switch (9).
See page 2:


= clockwise rotation set (for drilling, hammer 

drilling, chiselling, inserting screws)


= anti-clockwise rotation set (for the removal of 



= middle position: transportation safety device

(Switch-on lock) set

7.7 Tool change with SDS chuck

Before fitting, clean tool shank and apply 

special grease (accessories order no. 

6.31800)! Use only SDS-Plus tools.

Inserting tools:

Turn tool and insert until it engages. The tool is 

automatically locked.

Remove the tool:

See page 2, fig. A.
Pull tool lock (2) backwards in direction indicated by 

arrow (a) and remove tool (b).

The vent slots of the machine should be cleaned 



Use only genuine Metabo accessories.
Use only accessories which fulfil the requirements 

and specifications listed in these operating 

Fit accessories securely. Secure the machine if it is 

operated in a bracket. Loss of control can cause 

personal injury.
See page 4.

A Chargers

B Battery packs with different capacities.

Use battery packs only with voltage suitable for 

your power tool.

C Metabo  carrying  strap

D Tools with SDS-Plus shank

E Connecting  piece

F Geared  chuck

G Twist drills for metal and wood

H Screwdriver bit

I Special grease (for lubricating the tool shanks)

J Dust extraction systems:

a) Adapter for vacuum cleaner

b) Dust extraction set 43/50 mm

c) Chip and dust extraction unit

For a complete range of accessories, see 

www.metabo.com or the catalogue.

Repairs to electrical tools must be carried out by 

qualified electricians ONLY! 
Contact your local Metabo representative if you 

have Metabo power tools requiring repairs. For 

addresses see www.metabo.com.
You can download a list of spare parts from 


Do not allow battery packs to come into contact with 


Protect the environment, and do not dispose 

of power tools and battery packs with house-

hold waste. Observe national regulations on 

separated collection and recycling of disused 

machines, packaging and accessories.

8. Maintenance, cleaning

9. Accessories

10. Repairs

11. Environmental Protection

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