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specially designed to filter out microscopic 

Observe the relevant guidelines for your material, 

staff, application and place of application (e.g. 

occupational health and safety regulations, 

Collect the generated particles at the source, avoid 

deposits in the surrounding area. 
Use suitable accessories for special work (see 

chapter 9.), thus less particles enter the 

environment in an uncontrolled manner.
Use a suitable extraction unit.
Reduce dust exposure with the following measures:

- Do not direct the escaping particles and the 

exhaust air stream at yourself or nearby persons 

or on dust deposits.

- Use an extraction unit and/or air purifiers

- Ensure good ventilation of the workplace and 

keep clean using a vacuum cleaner Sweeping or 

blowing stirs up dust

- Vacuum or wash the protective clothing Do not 

blow, beat or brush

See page 3.

1 Additional handle

2 Tool lock

3 SDS  chuck

4 Depth  stop

5 Switch button (for changing the operating 


6 Lock

7 Carrying strap

8 Eyelet for securing the carrying strap

9 Rotation selector switch

10 Trigger

11 Handle

12 Capacity indicator button 

13 Capacity and signal indicator 

14 Battery pack

15 LED lights

16 Battery pack release button 


6.1 Assembly of the additional handle

For safety reasons, always use the additional 

handle supplied.

Open the clamping ring by turning the additional 

handle (1) counter-clockwise. Push the additional 

handle onto the collar of the machine. Insert the 

depth stop (4). Securely tighten the additional 

handle at the angle required for the application.

6.2 Battery pack

Charge the battery pack (14) before use.
If performance diminishes, recharge the battery 


The ideal storage temperature is between 10°C and 

Li-Ion battery packs "Li-Power" have a capacity and 

signal indicator (13):

- Press the button (12), the LEDs indicate the 

charge level.

- If one LED is flashing, the battery pack is almost 

flat and must be recharged.

6.3 Removing and inserting the battery pack

Removal: Press the battery pack release button 

(16) and pull the battery pack (14) forwards .
To insert: Slide the battery pack (14) in until it 


6.4 Carrying strap

If necessary, hang the hook on the Metabo carrying 

strap (7) on the eyelet (8). Set the carrying strap (7) 

to the desired length.


To prevent unintentional start-up, move the 

rotation selector switch (9) to centre position 

(transporting safety device).

Never carry with a tool

The machine must only be carried with the 

Metabo carrying strap (7) across chest and 

back (illustration a, page 2). Hold the machine 


The machine must NOT be carried with the carrying 

strap (7) around your neck (illustration b, page 2). 

7.1 The machine's multifunctional 

monitoring system

If the machine switches off automatically, the 

machine electronics have activated automatic 

protection mode. A warning signal sounds 

(continuous beeping). The beeping stops after a 

maximum of 30 seconds or when the trigger (10) is 


In spite of this protective function, overloading 

is still possible with certain applications and 

can result in damage to the machine.

Causes and remedies:


Battery pack almost flat

: (the electronics 

prevent the battery pack form discharging totally 

and avoid irreparable damage).

If one LED is flashing, the battery pack is almost 

flat. (15) If necessary, press the (12) button and 

check the LEDs (13) to see the charge level. If 

the battery pack is almost flat, it must be 


2. Long continuous overloading of the machine will 

activate the 

temperature cut-out


Leave the machine or battery pack to cool. 
Note: If the battery pack feels very warm, the 

pack will cool more quickly in an "AIR COOLED" 


5. Overview

6. Commissioning

7. Use

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