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Thank you for choosing one of our products. To get the most out of your oven we recommend that you:
• Read the notes in this manual carefully: they contain important instructions on how to install, use and service this oven safely.
• Keep this booklet in a safe place for easy, future reference.
All accessible parts are hot when the appliance is in operation, take care to not touch these elements.
When the oven is first switched on it may give out acrid smelling fumes. This is because the bonding agent for insulating panels around the oven 
has been heated up for the first time.
This is a completely normal, if it does occur you merely have to wait for the fumes to clear before putting the food into the oven.
An oven by its very nature becomes very hot. Especially the glass of the oven door.

The parts of this appliance that may come into contact with foodstuffs 
comply with the provisions of EEC Directive 89/109.

Appliance complies with European Directives 73/23/EEC and 
89/336/EEC, replaced by 2006/95/EC and 2004/108/EC, and 
subsequent amendments.

11 GB



•The oven must be used only for the purpose for which it was designed: 
it must only be used for cooking food. Any other use, e.g. as a form of 
heating, is an improper use of the oven and is therefore dangerous.
•The manufacturers cannot be held responsible for any damage 
caused by improper, incorrect or unreasonable use. 

When using any 

electrical appliance you must follow a few basic rules.

– Do not pull on the power cable to remove the plug from the socket.
– Do not touch the oven with wet or damp hands or feet.
– Do not use the oven unless you are wearing something on your feet.
– It is not generally a good idea to use adapters, multiple sockets for 
several plugs and cable extensions.
– If the oven breaks down or develops a fault switch it off at the mains 
and do not touch it.
•If the cable is at all damaged it must be replaced promptly.
When replacing the cable, follow these instructions. Remove the 
power cable and replace it with one of the H05RRF, H05VV-F, 
H05V2V2-F type. The cable must be able to bear the electrical current 
required by the oven. Cable replacement must be carried out by 
properly qualified technicians. The earthing cable (yellow-green) must 
be 10 mm longer than the power cable.
Use only an approved service centre for repairs and ensure that only 
original parts are used. If the above instructions are not adhered to the 
manufacturers cannot guarantee the safety of the oven.

•Do not line the oven walls with aluminium foil or single-use 
protection available from stores. Aluminium foil or any other 
protection, in direct contact with the hot enamel, risks melting 
and deteriorating the enamel of the insides.


Installation is the customer’s responsibility. The manufacturers have 
no obligation to carry this out. If the assistance of the manufacturer is 
required to rectify faults arising from incorrect installation, this 
assistance is not covered by the guarantee. 
The installation instructions for professionally qualified personal must 
be followed. Incorrect installation may cause harm or injury to people, 
animals or belongings. The manufacturer cannot be held responsible 
for such harm or injury.


Fit the oven into the space provided in the kitchen unit; it may be fitted 
underneath a work top or into an upright cupboard. Fix the oven in 
position by screwing into place, using the four fixing holes in the frame. 
(Fig.on last page).
To locate the fixing holes, open the oven door and look inside.To allow 
adequate ventilation, the measurements and distances indicated in 
the diagram on last page must be adhered to when fixing the oven.


 For ovens that are combined with a hob unit the instructions 

contained in the manual for the hob unit must be followed.

When you have unpacked the oven, make sure that it has not been 
damaged in any way. If you have any doubts at all, do not use it: 
contact a professionally qualified person. Keep packing materials 
such as plastic bags, polystyrene, or nails out of the reach of children 
because they are dangerous for children.

Plug into the power supply. Ensure first that there is a third contact that 
acts as earthing for the oven. 

The oven must be properly earthed.

If the model of oven is not fitted with a plug, fit a standard plug to the 
power cable. It must be able to bear the power supply indicated on the 
specifications plate. The earthing cable is yellowgreen. The plug must 
be fitted by a properly qualified person. If the socket and the plug are 
incompatible the socket must be changed by a properly qualified 
person.A properly qualified person must also ensure that the power 
cables can carry the current required to operate the oven.
An ON/OFF switch may also be connected to the power supply. The 
connections must take account of the current supplied and must 
comply with current legal requirements. The yellow-green earthing 
cable must not be governed by the ON/OFF switch. The socket or the 
ON/OFF switch used for connecting to the power supply must be 
easily accessible when the oven has been installed.


 During installation, position the power cable in such a   way 

that it will not be subjected to temperatures of above 50°C at any point.
The oven complies with safety standards set by the regulatory bodies. 
The oven is safe to use only if it has been adequately earthed in 
compliance with current legal requirements on wiring safety. You must 
ensure that the oven has been adequately earthed.

The manufacturers cannot be held responsible for any harm or 
injury to persons, animals or belongings caused by failure to 
properly earth the oven.
WARNING: the voltage and the supply frequency are showed on 
the rating plate (fig. on last page).

The cabling and wiring system must be able to bear the maximum 
electric power required by the oven. This is indicated on the 
specifications plate. If you are in any doubt at all, use the services of a 
professionally qualified person.


If the oven is to work properly, the kitchen housing must be suitable. 
The panels of the kitchen unit that are next to the oven must be made 
of a heat resistant material. Ensure that the glues of units made of 
veneered wood can withstand temperatures of at least 120 °C. 
Plastics or glues that cannot withstand such temperatures will melt 
and deform the unit. Once the oven has been lodged inside the unit, 
the electrical parts must be completely insulated. This is a legal safety 
requirement. All guards must be firmly fixed into place so that it is 
impossible to remove them without using special tools.

Remove the back of the kitchen unit to ensure an adequate 
current of air circulates around the oven. The hob must have a 
rear gap of at least 45 mm.

It is necessary to do an initial cleaning of the equipment before 
the first use of each of them.Wash them with a sponge. Rinse and 
dry off.


(according to the model)


The simple shelf

 can take moulds 

and dishes.

The tray holder shelf

 is especially 

good for grilling things. Use it with the 
drip tray.

The special profile of the shelves 
means they stay horizontal even when 
pulled right out. There is no risk of a 
dish sliding or spilling.

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    GENERAL WARNINGS Thank you for choosing one of our products. To get the most out of your oven we recommend that you: • Read the notes in this manual carefully: they contain important instructions on how to install, use and service this oven safely. • Keep this booklet in a safe place for easy,

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    VEILIGHEIDSVOORSCHRIFTEN WAARSCHUWING: Het apparaat en de bereikbare delen worden heet tijdens het gebruik. Zorg ervoor dat u de warmingselementen niet aanraakt. • Kinderen jonger dan 8 jaar niet bij het apparaat llaten mits onder continue toezicht. • Dit apparaat kan op een veilige manier worden

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    ALGEMENE AANWIJZINGEN Lees deze handleiding aandachtig. Hierin treff u betangrijke gegevens aan omtrent installatie, gebruik en onderhoud. Bewaar deze handleiding voor eventuele toekomstige raadpleging. De eerste keer dat de oven in werking wordt gesteld, kan er een stinkende walm vrijkomen. Dit is

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    BAKTIJDEN EN-TEMPERATUREN VOOR GEVENTILEERDE OVEN Hoeveelheid Oven °C Niveau rooster van onderaf Baktijd Soezen Taart Appeltaart 175 170 2° Niveau 2° Niveau 40-50 30 200 2° Niveau 35 Gistdeeg: Cake Koekjes Bladerdeeg: Biscuits 170 180 200 2° Niveau 2° Niveau 2° Niveau 35 25 20 Vlees Varkensvlees

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    CONSEILS DE SÉCURITÉ • AVERTISSEMENT: L'appareil et les parties accessibles deviennent chauds pendant l'utilisation. Des précautions doivent être prises pour éviter de toucher les éléments chauffants. • Les enfants de moins de 8 ans doivent être tenus à l'écart à moins d'être surveillés

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    INSTRUCTIONS GENERALES — Lire attentivement les instructions contenues dans cette brochure, elles fournissent d’importantes indications sur la sécurité d’installation, l’emploi du four et son entretien. — Conserver soigneusement cette notice d’utilisation pour toutes consultations ultérieures. —

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    CONSIGNES UTILES GRILLES DU FOUR, NOUVEAU SYSTÈME D’ARRÊT TEMPS DE CUISSON Dans les pages 48, 49 un tableau récapitulatif indique les temps de cuisson et les températures selon les préparations. Tous les fours bénéficient d’un nouveau système d’arrêt des grilles. Ce système permet de sortir

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    UTILISATION DE L'HORLOGE STOP MINUTERIE MISE A L'HEURE START OPERATION SPECIFIQUE FONCTIONNEMENT GENERAL PROGRAMMATION TOUT AUTOMATIQUE Cette horloge régit l'affichage de l'heure et la programmation du four (en utilisant les manettes et les icones). En appuyant sur le bouton, vous pouvez : ajuster

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    INSTRUÇÕES DE SEGURANÇA AVISO: Durante a sua utilização, tanto o aparelho, como os componentes acessíveis do mesmo ficam muito quentes. Evite sempre tocar nos elementos de aquecimento. • Mantenha as crianças de com menos de 8 anos afastadas do aparelho, excepto se estiverem a ser supervisionadas

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    INDICAÇÕES DE CARÁCTER GERAL Obrigado por ter optado por um dos nossos produtos. Para tirar o maior proveito possível do seu forno, recomendamos que: Leia atentamente este manual de instruções de utilização; ele contém instruções importantes sobre a instalação, a utilização e a manutenção seguras

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    O tabuleiro buleiro de recolha de sucos serve para aparar o suco dos grelhados. Pode ser colocado por cima da grelha ou introduzido nas calhas. Só se utiliza com o Grelhador, o Espeto ou o Turbogrelhador. Nos outros modos de cozedura deve ser retirado do forno. Nunca utilizar este tabuleiro como

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    LIMPEZA E MANUTENÇÃO Este electrodoméstico está marcado de acordo com o disposto na directiva europeia 2002/96/CE relativa aos resíduos de equipamentos eléctricos e electrónicos (REEE). Ao assegurar que este produto seja correctamente eliminado, estará a prevenir eventuais consequências negativas

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    USAR O RELÓGIO PROGRAMADOR ANALÓGICO STOP ALARME RELÓGIO INÍCIO ESPECIFICAÇÕES DE UTILIZAÇÃO UTILIZAÇÃO GENÉRICA Este relógio programador regula o tempo que queremos definir no relógio (através do botão manual) e as funções do forno (através dos botões e símbolos indicativos). Pressionando o botão

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    TABELAS DE TEMPOS DE COZEDURA Os tempos sugeridos nas tabelas que se seguem revestem-se de mero carácter orientativo, podendo variar em função da qualidade, da frescura, da dimensão e da espessura dos alimentos e ainda segundo o seu gosto pessoal. Deixe sempre os alimentos cozinhados repousarem

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    TABELAS DE TEMPOS DE COZEDURA Forno eléctrico estático Forno com ventoinha eléctrico Tempo de Tempecozedura ratura em minutos do forno Tempo de Tempecozedura ratura em minutos do forno Observações Quantidade Nível Galinha Kg 1-1,3 2 60 ÷ 80 220 2 60 ÷ 70 200 Tempere a galinha com condimentos

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    ПРАВИЛА ТЕХНИКИ БЕЗОПАСНОСТИ • ПРЕДУПРЕЖДЕНИЕ: Бытовой электроприбор и его открытые части во время работы могут нагреваться до высокой температуры. Соблюдайте осторожность, не дотрагивайтесь до них. • Дети моложе 8 лет не должны приближаться к бытовому прибору без постоянного надзора. • Данным

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    В соответствии с требованиями Федерального закона № 261-ФЗ от 23.11.09 и Постановлением Правительства РФ № 1222 от 31.12.09г., настоящий товар снабжен информацией на русском языке о классе энергетической эффективности в виде специальной этикетки, которая должна быть размещена на лицевой части

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    СИСТЕМА БЕЗОПАСНОСТИ ПОЛОК Серийный номер состоит из 16 цифр. Первые 8 цифр код модели. Следующие 4 цифры дата производства (год, неделя). Последние 4 цифры заводские номера. 47 RU

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    ИСПОЛЬЗОВАНИЕ АНАЛОГОВЫХ ЧАСОВ/ПРОГРАММАТОРА СТОП ТАЙМЕР ЧАСЫ СТАРТ ЭКСПЛУАТАЦИЯ ОБЩИЕ ИНСТРУКЦИИ ПО ЭКСПЛУАТАЦИИ регулировки по часовой стрелке или против часовой стрелки. Мигание пиктограммы "СТОП" продолжается в течение нескольких секунд после последнего поворота ручки регулировки.Программа

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    49 RU

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    4 3 2 1 50 RU

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    10 минут/кг* 10 минут/кг* 51 RU

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    INSTRUKCJE BEZPIECZEŃSTWA UWAGA: Podczas pracy urządzenie oraz jego elementy są gorące. Należy zachowac ostrożność i nie dotykać gorących części. • Dzieci w wieku do 8 lat nie mogą zbliżać się do urządzenia chyba że pozostaja one pod ciągłym nadzorem. • Dzieci w wieku powyżej 8 lat oraz ososby z

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    •Nie należy wykładać ścianek piekarnika folią aluminiową lub jednorazowymi materiałami ochronnymi dostępnymi w sklepach. Użyta folia aluminiowa lub inne materiały ochronne w zetknięciu z gorącą emalią mogą spowodować nadtopienie się i pogorszenie jakości emaliowanych ścianek wnętrza piekarnika. 53

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    54 PL

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    55 PL

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    KORZYSTANIE Z ZEGARA/PROGRAMATORA STOP MINUTNIK ZEGAR START OPIS USTAWIEŃ FUNKCJE OGÓLNE W celu skasowania programowania przed zakończeniem, wciśnij przycisk na kilka sekund. Programowanie zostanie skasowane i powróci do ustawień ręcznych. Programator służy do ustawienia zegara analogowego i

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    57 PL

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    58 PL

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    59 PL

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    IT INSTALLAZIONE INSTALLATION FR INSTALLATION GB INSTALAÇÂO PT INSTALACIÓN ES УСТАНОВKА RU INSTALLATIE NL INSTALACJA PL 4x3.5x25 545 IT Targhetta matricola ES Tarjeta matrícula NL Typeplaatje FR Plaque signalitique PT Plata de características 545 PL Tabliczka znamionowa RU Маркировочная табличка

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